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Welcome to Pitt State - here, you make memories that last a lifetime. Our community plays a big role in the college experience. You will find Gorillas on street corners, murals, and front yards across downtown Pittsburg. We invite you to learn more about how to join our community.

Undergraduate admission

Learn more about how to apply as a freshman, transfer, dual dual credit student.

Graduate admission

Pittsburg State University provides a diverse array of doctoral and master's degree programs, as well as various graduate certificates and other academic offerings that will elevate your educational pursuits to the next level.

International admission

Learn more about how to apply as an international student.

Contact us

Undergraduate Admission: 620-235-4251

Graduate Admission: 620-235-4251

International Admission: +1 (620) 235-4680 or Skype chat pitt.state

Talk to your region's recruiter

Online chat weekdays 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Undergraduate Admission: 107 Horace Mann

Graduate Admission:107 Horace Mann

International Admission: 118 Whitesitt Hall

A Look into Life at Pitt State

A collection of campus life, events, and student experiences.

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